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Surfing the net I have found other way to do online presentations. Its name is Pow Toon, an online presentation software originally created to business but also this tool can be used to educational purposes.  
Here there is a video that shows some advantages of using Pow Toon in classroom.

The activity proposed is focused in Task-based instruction approach. The task will be descriptive, students corresponding to ninth grade will narrate the life of their favorite superhero through Pow Toon. All this in order to introduce and develop the present tense and the past simple tense. Also will be implicit some of vocabulary as adjectives.

Why this approach?
Because the use of audio visual tools in classroom are better applied through of tasks. I mean, this English class will be focused in two tasks that serves to learn in an indirect way. The first one will be the use of Pow Toon, they will have the support of internet and their classmates and the second one will be the narrative text to draw, this task with the teacher assistant and the web.      

Chapelle's 2001 theoretical foundations for tech in ELT 
The students have to work in a collaborative way doing use the "co-construction of meaning" between peers as a input enhancement in their English class, other kind of input is by means of the internet, if almost automous, because students will have to search information about their superhero chosen and of course will have aspects of their quest that will get their attention and how students want to know more about that they like. There is a great chance to encounter vocabulary and terms that they don't understand, something that will force them to search dictionaries or other information tools.

To watch the video in a better resolution go to this link:

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